Support for English Language and Music in Educational or Professional Settings

Tuition, professional development & resources enabling growth and academic or professional achievement.

Robert Lennon Education Consultancy

Hello, I’m Robert. I’m British and, even though I say so myself, I’m a pretty accomplished education professional. Over a successful career spanning more than 35 years, I’ve worked extensively as a teacher, school principal, trainer and adviser in various parts of the world. My two specialist areas are English as a Second Language and Music. I now offer a unique combination of services designed to help students, teachers and professionals grow, achieve, and fulfil their potential in either, or even both, of these fields.  

Why not take a look at the services and resources on offer or just contact me to find out how I can help you reach your professional or academic goals

How I Can Help?

If you are a student, I can teach you and help you prepare for your exams or university application; if you are a teacher, I can help solve any pedagogical problems you might have and if you are a professional in just about any field where you need to communicate effectively in English, I can help you too.

I can also be of assistance to professional musicians (for example singers and conductors) in bringing their English to an international standard.  As well as all this, I offer guidance to English teachers in harnessing the powerful potential of music to enable and enhance effective teaching and learning.

Best Learning Experience

Proven Methodology

In English or Music, my approach to teaching is primarily practical and experiential. We will strike the right balance between skills development and theoretical knowledge & terminology.

Educational Expert

A former international school principal, director of a Music support service for schools and an English Programmes Director, I offer you the benefits of my extensive experience as teacher, and teacher trainer.

Flexible & Convenient

Individual and group classes, seminars and workshops can be conveniently conducted online. I understand that students and professionals can have unexpected demands on their time, so flexibility is built in.

Affordable Rates

My rates are comparable with those of experienced professionals in many other fields. A long-established client base, with many relationships having lasted several years, testifies to the quality and the affordability of my services!

So Many Satisfied Students and Clients...

Ready To Achieve
Your Goals?

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